LTC Quality Plus D90
Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

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Lewis Trading Corp. is the parent company of the LTC Quality Plus® brand. We are a leading source of high-quality synthetic roof underlayment and multi-use tarpaulins (tarps). Our products are used for a wide variety of roofing and construction projects. Our LTC Quality Plus® synthetic underlayment meets/exceeds the ASTM’s roofing standards, has enhanced UV protection, and is building code compliant.

LTC Quality Plus® D90: The Ultimate Roofing Underlayment

About The Product

LTC Quality Plus® D90 roofing underlayment is a Multi Layered, Polyolefin, Woven Laminated, highly flexible material.

This 4 layered material works in tandem, making this specially designed roofing underlayment one of the best options available on the market. All 4 layers of LTC Quality Plus® D90 have added UV stabilizers, that helps the undrerlayement resist the harsh UV exposure and provides 90 days of UV resistance.

Benefits of Synthetic Roof Underlayment:

  • Meets performance characteristics of ASTM D8257
  • 90-days exposure to UV with extreme durability
  • Slip resistant technology at bottom
  • Skid resistant technology at top for improved walkability
  • Will not warp or split
  • Lighter than standard asphalt underlayment
  • Water resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • Temperature performance -40°F to 240°F





LTC Quality Plus D90: Synthetic Underlayment

Combining Durability, UV Resistance, and Advanced Technology for Optimal Roof Protection

All 4 layers of LTC Quality Plus® D90 have added UV stabilizers, that help the underlayment resist harsh UV exposure and provides 90 days of UV resistance. One roll of LTC Quality Plus® D90 offers 1000 square feet coverage and comes with pre-printed legends for easy installation. The unrolling of LTC Quality Plus® D90 is smooth and hassle free. The product is lighter in weight than asphalt underlayment, making it easier to handle and install.

LTC Quality Plus: Blue Tarp Multi Use

Blue Tarp Multi-Use Features:

  • 5 Mil Woven High Density Polyethylene
  • Reinforced Corners
  • Grommets every 36 inches
  • Heavy Duty Lamination
  • Heat Sealed Seams
  • Rope Reinforced Hem
  • Sun & Rot Resistant
  • Waterproof
Blue Tarp Multi Use
Premium Roofing Underlayment and Sealants

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75 Years of Excellence

Established over 75 years ago, Lewis Trading Corp. is a trusted and reliable third generation family-owned company. Through our long-standing overseas relationships, we provide our customers with the economic advantages of our direct connections to industry sources. Over the years, we have extended our offerings into products sharing similar manufacturing technologies. Specifically, our LTC Quality Plus® synthetic roof underlayment and multi-use tarps.

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